Women must become revolutionaries


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Shirley Chisholm has experienced something of a resurgence in American culture recently, but her presence has been felt for decades, even by those who didn't necessarily know her name.

She was the first black woman to serve in the US Congress and the first woman to pursue the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States. She was a champion of education, of working people, of access and opportunity, of an American Dream that was available to everybody. In her extensive writing and numerous speeches, she articulated a variety of thoughtful statements on the state of America and what we, the people, can and should do about it. Among them, from her book Unbought and Unbossed, was this simple phrase that feels just as important, just as necessary now as it did in 1970: "Women in this country must become revolutionaries."

>> The Particulars <<
Letterpress poster, 16"x12"
Handset wood and metal type, three-color
Printed in Massachusetts on a Vandercook SP15.
USA made 100lb. paper, white

Please note: Prints are handmade, variations from print to print apply. Frame not included.

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