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There are naysayers, for sure. People who want to call us the "Whole Foods Generation" or "hipsters" or whatever other outsized pseudo-attack suits them. But here's the straight dope: we are just like most of history. We expect to know where our food come from, and we are partial to our neighbors. Where we differ from history is in our pocketbooks and our wallets. We are willing to pay a little more for local food. It isn't because it's fashionable -- it's because it's good economics. Dollars in our community are dollars that come back around. Open farms in our neighborhoods serve us better than a strip mall ever could.

This print is our tip of the hat to the local food producers. New England has thrived on our rocky land and harsh oceans for centuries. We welcome the opportunity to continue that tradition, and we celebrate it at every turn.

>> The Particulars <<
Letterpress poster, 12"x18"
Hand cut linoleum block plus handset wood type, two-color
Printed in Massachusetts on a Vandercook SP15.
USA made 110lb. paper, white

Please note: Prints are handmade, variations from print to print apply. Frame or clips not included.

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