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Ed isn't necessarily a "gentleman." He swears, drinks, and in his younger years, maybe threw a punch or two. He is nonetheless amiable, and is of the age that he has figured out what he thinks are the good things in life. Ed isn't too high-brow, but he has a study. It's not a "man-cave." It's a study. In that study, Ed has a chair. He likes to sit in that chair and reflect. When the mood hits him, Ed is prone to pouring a drink and poring over a book. He can spend a night that way. He can spend many nights that way.

We found that practice incredibly romantic, and we sought to enshrine it.

>> The Particulars <<
Letterpress poster, 12"x18"
Hand cut linoleum block, two-color
Printed in Massachusetts on a Vandercook SP15.
USA made 100lb. paper, white

Please note: Prints are handmade, variations from print to print apply. Frame not included.


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