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America, we live here

Living among Americans isn't always great. We make the wrong calls sometimes: slavery, Haymarket, ignoring Abigail Adams, enshrining Andrew Jackson. But still, we stay. Maybe it's inability to leave, and maybe it's unwillingness, but we stay. We live here.

Sometimes just being American is an act of defiance. Sometimes we can be American by standing up for what we are supposed to be. This print is a reminder. We live here. We should be in the business of not being ashamed of that. We should be in the business of making that a thing we're proud of.

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Letterpress poster, 18"x12"
Handset wood type plus hand cut linoleum blocks, two-color
Printed in Massachusetts on a Vandercook SP15.
USA made 110lb. paper, white

Please note: Prints are handmade, variations from print to print apply. Frame not included.


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